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Milestone 20th Colorfly - Main characteristics of the TAG 200

Milestone, as Colorfly´s first desktop DAC-Amplifer integrates years of R%D experience and dedication of Colorfly in audio industry. Milestone, named after the 20thanniversary of Colorful, represents Colorfly´s milestone with luxury and restrained beauty.

Spezial Design

Clock, or commonly known as synchronization, has always been a top concern in HI-Emd audio designing and design. Traditional simple oscillation circuit with passive crystals may result in jitter or in synchronizing failures, causing instability of sampling and precision problems, finally deduct the quality of music reproduction by losing sampling poins.

Rubidium synchronizer

The revolutionary Rubidium synchronizer used on Milestone solves this problem, Colorfly designers beliefe it reproduces more transparent, clear and cohesive sound by generating extremely precise clock signal.

Full Balaced Stereo Audio Circuit

To reduce crosstalk effect in dual channel system, Milestone applied full balanced stereo audio circuit integrating customized ESS D/A chip each channel, elevating its SNR to over 130dB - an unprecedented level of high fidelity and extreme precision.

With the decently design structure Milestone exhibits the originak taste and flavor of music and oerforms natural, beautiful and pure sound natching either digital or analog sources.

V-Tube Tech

Since 1904, the birth of evacuated tube has given this product domination in Hi-fi world for over six decades. Though criticized for its power consumption, short life and heating, a considerable amount of hi-fi lovers are still obsessed with its lush, transparent and silky tone. As many good tubes had long gone and are gradually being replaced by transistors today, "tube sound" is still memorized and honored. To pay our tribute to the good old days with tubes, Colorfly designers for the first time combined sound of tubes and transistors by introducing V-Tube technology. Upon activation, audio signals pre-processed by V-Tube erases all hard and harsh "digital flavor" and reproduces tender, lush and warm sound on tube-based systems.

Specification Colorfly TAG200


All balanced 2 sound channel design
Rubidium Oscillator Atomic clock Clock vibration synchronization
V-Tube, Virtual tube technology
Support decoding of 32bit/ 384 kHz DSD format files.

Front Site Output:

XLR BAL*2 and 6,3 mm Jack

Back Site Input / Output:

AES/EBU Euro broadcast digital input
WCLK (world clock syncronisation)
Fiber digital Input/Output
SPDIF Input/Output
USB Input
BAL virtual input, BAL virtual output
XLR Output
XLR Input
RCA Input