Firmware update for C4PRO, C10 and C200

Please input your product serial number (first 12 digits) to obtain the firmware update


Firmware Upgrade Instruction C4

  • To make a backup of the files in the internal storage. In the process of upgrade exist the risk of being damaged,
    please make a backup of the important files
  • The upgrade process needs adequate power to support. If the power supply failed in the process of upgrade, there will lead to a failure, and unexpected result. Maybe you should send it to manufacturer for repairing. Player firmware upgrade will take about 2-3 minutes. The methods of ensuring adequate power show as follows: (1) the player is full of power. (2 )using the USB cable to charge the player in the process of upgrade. * when you upgrade in the state of power shortage, make sure the performance of the USB cable is reliable
  • Pull out the micro SD/TF card. prepare the upgrade firmware what the update needs. The name of the firmware is CFFWPKG.ISO, Colorful Firmware Package Image. The RAR or ZIP file format should be decompressed first.
  • Start upgrade operation Connect the player to PC and copy the colorfly Firmware Package Image (CFFWPKG.ISO) to the floppy disk root directory of the internal storage. Pull out the USB cable and power off the player. Restart the player. The player will detect the new firmware. If the version of the new firmware conforms to the upgrade request, an interface which shows the relevant information of the new firmware will appear. At the moment, you can select Yes to upgrade.
  • When the interface shows 100%, it means the upgrade is complete. And the player will restart when the interface displays Restart System. If the player could not restart automatically when the Restart System had appeared for a minute, you can press the Reset button to restart the device by yourself. Generally, upgrade will not damage the original contents. If the file is damaged, you can restore them from the backup file. * You can format the disk and restore the files from the backup files to avoid the damaged files.

Firmware Upgrade of C10

Upgrade version from 14.07.2016

    (1) increase the USB-DAC function, you can play the music through connecting your PC and C10
    (2) increase the cover of the playing albums
    (3) optimize the sonic boom appeared when changing the song
    (4) optimize the occasional sonic boom when DSD music is playing
    (5) modify the boot screen
    (6) modify the occupation of system to the CPU, thus improving the reaction rate


    Please read the upgrade instructions, you must have to ensure that the PSU cannot be interrupted during the update process.

Update method:

    (1) Copy the two documents in the zip file to the root directory of inner storage
    (TF card is unsupported here, so please back-up your data before updating in case of data loss)
    (2) start up and long press the return key to enter the system setting → enter the device and store info of the
    system → press the enter key to scan the new firmware → press enter to start the updating
    (3) the machine would restart automatically after the updating and begin the use of the new firmware. If the player
    stop at the “update“ screen and there is no animation, please press “RESET“ to restart the machine
    and check up the system information, if the “Version column“ is finally seen with “C1028“to restart
    the machine then the updating is done
    (4) please ensure that the residual electricity quantity is more than 2(4 in total, which means it should be more than
    25 percent at least) before updating, or you can charge it while updating.


Firmware Upgrade of C200

Upgrade version from 02.09.2016

    (1) The BUG of sound loss between seconds of songs in former firmware
    (2) The POP sound of pressing the MoveNext/MovePrevious double or repeatedly
    (3) The sonic boom of skipping and POP sound
    (4) The occasional sonic boom of DSD music playing
    (5) The time of skipping has been shortened
    (6) The stuck, anamorphose and sonic boom of high sampling rate audio files playing
    (7) The BUG of automatic pausing and pressing play again but in vain when charging
    (8) The background noise of high sampling rate audio files playing

    Please read the upgrade instructions, you must have to ensure that the PSU cannot be interrupted during the update process.

Update method:

    (1) Decompress the in your computer,
    then copy the c200_update.bin to the SD card
    (2) Insert the SD card into C200, turn it on and long press the M key to enter the system settings
    Device-Info and Stored Info→click the Enter key to scan the new firmware, then begin the update →
    (3) There will be a automatical restart after the update and you can experience the new firmware
    (4) Please ensure the enough electric quantity (at least more than 2/3 in total) or charge it, when updating.


Firmware update of C3



Upgrade version

    (1) Fixed button sensitivity
    (2) modify button backlight luminous

    Please read the upgrade instructions, you must have to ensure that the PSU cannot be interrupted during the update process.



Firmware update of CK4

Old version

Actually version


Upgrade version